Preparing Your Well Pump for Inclement Weather in Monroe

well pump prepDo you know how to prepare your well pump for severe, inclement weather in Monroe, Washington? While you’re probably familiar with basic storm preparation procedures, you may not know how to properly protect your well pump. Failing to take steps now could result in potentially expensive water well repairs. Keep the following tasks in mind as you prepare for inclement weather in Monroe.

Secure Your Wellhead and Pump

Is your well pump or wellhead exposed? If so, this can be a major problem during a big storm, especially if high winds are expected. To protect your system, you will need to cover and/or secure these features. Failing to do so may result in its being struck by debris during inclement weather. Take time to address this issue now and save yourself a call to the water service company. Continue Reading →

Important Water Well Information for Camano Island

water well information, water well termsDo you have a water well on your property in Camano Island, Washington? If so, it’s very important that you take time to fully understand how it functions. You can always call a water service company for help. However, having some basic information about your water well will ensure that you notice problems more quickly when they arise. It can also enable you to explain the situation clearly to your well specialist. Take time to learn these important water well terms in Camano Island.

Water Pump

There are several different types of water pumps. A common one found in modern homes is a submersible pump. These are often preferred because they are fully submerged and push water up to houses. Some water wells have jet pumps, however, that are above ground and work by drawing the water up to the home.

Pressure Switch

This switch turns the pump on and off. If you begin experiencing issues with your water well, a well specialist may check to ensure your pressure switch is working properly. Typical home settings are 30–50 psi or 40–60 psi. Continue Reading →

Well Pump Information Questions Before Buying a House in Lake Stevens?

well pump information questionsAre you considering purchasing a home with a well pump in Lake Stevens, WA? Wells require regular and proper maintenance. When neglected, the results can be costly. Whether with your real estate agent or a water service company, always ensure the system on a potential property is functioning properly. Ask these important questions about the well pump in order to obtain the information you need before purchasing in Lake Stevens.

What are local codes regarding well pumps?

Just as some communities have specific codes regarding house color, there may be well pump standards as well. If the previous owner kept a well log, you can use it to confirm that they kept the well up to code. You may also be able to speak with the well service company about previous well pump repairs and maintenance.

Where is the well itself?

You should always find out where the well is located, so you can inspect the surrounding area. Verify that there aren’t any sources of contamination or obstructions in and around the well site. It’s a good idea to hire a well pump specialist to perform an inspection. Continue Reading →

Common Causes of Water Pump Failure in Granite Falls?

water pump failureA malfunctioning well pump can be extremely problematic for homeowners in Granite Falls, Washington. While scheduling regular maintenance and repair with a water service company can extend a pump’s functionality, it won’t last forever. It’s important to know some of the most common causes of well water pump failure. Pay close attention to your unit during these situations and always contact a well pump specialist in Granite Falls when issues occur.

Ignoring Repair Needs

One of the biggest reasons for water pump failure is ignoring the need for repairs. Small problems can quickly escalate to extremely expensive disasters. Always schedule necessary maintenance, well pump repair and water tank repair with a qualified professional.

Power Outages

Power outages can also negatively impact your well water pump. Generally, loss of power will result in your pump’s failure to function. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a well pump with a backup power supply, such as a battery or backup generator. Continue Reading →

Understanding Constant Pressure Pumps in Snohomish

constant pressure pumpAre you frustrated with low water pressure when running multiple appliances in your Snohomish, Washington, home? Having your local water service company install a constant pressure pump may help. Private wells are ideal for providing clean water, but they sometimes struggle to maintain water pressure, especially in busy households. Consider the following information about how wells and constant pressure pumps work, then contact a water pump specialist in Snohomish for assistance.

Your Well

The water in your well is raised by a pump that’s designed to run at a certain pressure. It runs at a specific speed so that the pressure in your water tank remains consistent. When this pressure drops, however, the pump starts pumping water until the pressure rises again. This fluctuation, often caused by running water in multiple places, causes the pressure in your home to drop. Simply put, your well pump can’t keep up with your water use.

Constant Pressure Pumps

Constant pressure pumps can actually keep the pressure in your home from dropping. These units are designed to detect water pressure and regulate pump speed. They don’t let the pump turn on and off; instead, they keep the tank at one pressure level. As an additional advantage, constant pressure pumps run only when needed. Continue Reading →

Signs You May Need a Water Pump Replacement in Marysville

water pump replacementAre you concerned that you might need water pump replacement services in Marysville, Washington? While well pumps are designed to function for several years, they don’t last forever. Eventually, problems will occur and you may need to have a professional water services company replace yours. Keep a lookout for the following signs that your well pump is beginning to fail; then contact a specialist for professional well pump installation services.

Decreased Water Pressure

One indicator that there’s an issue with your water pump is decreased water pressure. Contact a specialist right away to identify the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

Water Spurts

Another sign you may need well pump repairs or replacement is spurting water when running the faucet. It may seem like there are air pockets in your pipes.  Continue Reading →

Why You May Need Water Treatment in Stanwood

why water treatmentDo you have a well in Stanwood, Washington? Public drinking water is regulated, but private well water systems are not. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t ensure your home’s well water is clean and safe. Affordable water treatment options are available from your local water services company and are a necessity for well owners. The following signs will indicate why water treatment services are necessary for your home in Stanwood. 

Stains and Residue

Excess buildup of elements like iron, magnesium, and calcium are common in wells and can lead to expensive repairs if left unresolved. If you notice discoloration or residue in your sinks, toilet bowls, or washing machines, call your local water treatment specialist immediately. Continue Reading →

Important Information About Well Flow Testing in Arlington

well flow testingAre you considering purchasing, or have you recently purchased, a home in rural Arlington? If the property depends on well water, it’s a good idea to have a professional well pump and installation repair company perform well flow testing to gauge supply capabilities. While an expert water service contractor can walk you through this process, here’s some basic but important information you should know.

When Well Flow Testing is Needed

Well flow testing is most important when buying a new home. It’s essential to verify that the current well is capable of providing the volume of water need. If it isn’t sufficient, well pump installation may be needed. Continue Reading →