How Regular Well Inspections Can Save You Money in Lake Stevens

well inspections lake stevensIf your property has a well, getting it looked at by a professional is a great way to keep it safe and secure. However, it can also help save you cash in the long run. Knowing how getting regular well inspections can save you money can help you make them a priority. 

Identifies Expensive Issues

One of the most important reasons to get regular inspections for your well is to identify potential problems. Water run-off from rainfall or snow-melt can contaminate private wells by washing microorganisms into the well system or seeping underground. Leakage of waste from underground storage tanks and effluent from septic leach fields can reach a water source and result in microorganisms being present in water wells.

Helps You Avoid Fines

In some places, wells that are in poor condition can result in fines from the county or city. If you get your well inspected regularly, you can avoid any of the issues that could result in code violations. This will not only save you money, it can also keep you safe. 

Keeps You From Getting Sick

On top of the physical and mental distress, getting sick from your well can be expensive. Doctor bills and medications to get rid of bacterial infections can add up quickly. Getting regular well inspections will help you avoid the costs of health issues. 

Need Well Inspections in Lake Stevens?

If your well isn’t functioning properly, contact us at A-Plus Water Services Inc. today! Our team is highly trained and ready to inspect, maintain and repair your well pump system. We also perform expert well pump installation and water tank repair and water treatment for the freshest, cleanest possible well water. 

Thorough Well Inspections in Lake Stevens

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