Types of Iron in Your Well Water in Snohomish & Why it Matters

iron in your well water snohomishDo you know how to spot iron in your well water in Snohomish? The following information will help you identify whether you have a problem with iron and how to proceed.

Iron Present in Clear Water

Don’t assume that because your well water runs clear it’s free of iron. Seemingly clear water can contain iron. In cases like this, the iron has dissolved in the water, but will turn to rust when exposed to air. Check your water by filling a clean container and waiting to see if it changes color. This type of iron is called ferrous iron.

Red Water Iron

Red water iron, or ferric iron, is easier to identify because your well water will already have an orange-red tint. This type of iron has already been exposed to oxidation and can no longer dissolve in water. In most cases, clear water iron will also be present. 

Will Iron in the Water Harm You?

If you have concerns about iron in your water supply, while it can be damaging to your water system and appliances, serious effects on your health are unlikely. Iron is an essential component of the human diet for proper function and it would be very hard to consume a toxic amount solely through drinking water.  In regard to your skin however, iron can damage skin cells which may lead to wrinkles. In addition, dissolved minerals such as iron and magnesium will cause excessive soap scum residue, clogging your pores, and can cause acne or eczema.

Problems with Iron in Your Well Water in Snohomish?

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Iron in Your Well Water? Contact the Experts in Snohomish

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