Distinguishing Unsafe Levels of Well Water Minerals in Marysville

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Is your well water unsafe to drink in Marysville? High levels of the minerals iron and manganese can cause serious problems for your health and your well system. Both of these minerals occur naturally, but you don’t want too much of them in your water. It can be hard to tell whether your well water minerals are at unsafe levels, because water may appear clear despite their presence. Look for the following signs for indications.


Both iron and manganese can leave stains in your sink and on your laundry. Even if your well water appears clear at first, you’re likely to notice discoloration over time. This is especially true for individuals with white sinks. 

Poor Taste

Another sign you may need well water treatment is poor tasting water. While this can vary significantly, most people complain of a metallic taste when the minerals iron or manganese are at unsafe levels in their well water.

Bad Odor

Additionally, you may notice a bad odor from your well water. Manganese can make your water smell like oil or asphalt. If your water smells like cucumber or sewage, it’s usually due to iron.

Need Help from an Expert near Marysville with Well Water Minerals?

Are you worried your well water may contain unsafe levels of iron or manganese? If you’re noticed any of the above-mentioned issues, contact us at A-Plus Water Services Inc. in Arlington with questions or to schedule a free consultation. With years of experience in the industry, you know we have the skills and equipment to address all your water treatment, water well repair and water tank repair needs. We also offer superior well pressure tank installations.

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