Signs of Private Well Trouble in Marysville

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Water well problems can have a range of causes. As a well owner, you know the importance of periodic maintenance and repairs, but it can be easy to miss subtle signs of water well problems. Here are a few things to watch for that may indicate trouble is brewing with your private well.

Air in the Pipes

Do your faucets sputter right after you turn them on? In most cases, you’ll notice a blast of air and then several short bursts of water. This is caused by trapped air in the high points of the water supply system. To force the trapped air out, turn on every faucet and appliance in your house. Let your faucets and appliances run for 10 minutes to force water bubbles out of your water pipes. If this doesn’t work you may have a more serious problem.

Low Water Pressure

From a stuck check valve or faulty gate to a leaking pressure tank, there are a number of water well problems that can cause low water pressure. Iron bacteria build-up on the pump or the well screen can create a clog. To remove the build-up of iron bacteria, clean your well with a special solution designed to get rid of slime, scale, and iron bacteria. Low water pressure can also be corrected by adjusting the pressure switch. This is only possible when the well pump and well are designed to operate at the higher pressure. You’ll need to consult a water well professional if this is the problem.

Need Assistance with Your Private Well in Marysville?

If you’ve noticed one of these issues or need help with well pump installation or water treatment, contact us at A-Plus Water Services in Arlington to make an appointment today. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help; customers depend on us for superior well repair, pressure tank installations and water tank repair.

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