Signs There’s a Problem with Your Private Well in Snohomish

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If you depend on a private well on your Snohomish property for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing, an issue with your system can mean a huge disturbance to your daily routine. Spotting a problem early can be key to maintaining that routine. The earlier you catch the malfunction, the easier it will be to fix. To prevent expensive water well repair, contact a private well professional when you notice any of the following difficulties in Snohomish.

Your Faucets Spit

One of the first signs of trouble in your private well is a spitting or sputtering faucet. You may notice that your water runs freely for a moment before it’s interrupted by short bursts of air. The cause is usually air in your plumbing; your faucet sputters as air is expelled from your water pipes.  

The simplest solution to your sputtering faucet is to bleed the entire system.  Turn on all the faucets in your house a half turn, and let the water run for a minute or two.  This will allow all the air to escape.  Next, flush your toilets.  This should flush out any lingering air from your water pipes. If this fix doesn’t work, you may need to call in the experts.

Drastic Increase in Your Electric Bill

Have you noticed a drastic and seemingly unwarranted increase in your electric bill?  A higher electric bill can indicate that your pump is failing or that it needs to be lowered. 

Looking For a Private Well Expert in Snohomish?

When you need a private well expert in Snohomish, contact us at A-Plus Water Services Inc. in Arlington. Our team provides expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. You can also count on us for water tank repair and water treatment

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