Types of Well Water Iron in Snohomish

well water ironDo you know how to spot iron in your well water in Snohomish, Washington? There are actually a couple of different ways you can detect iron in your well water. The following information will help you identify the issue, but contacting a water service company for assistance is recommended.

Clear Water Iron

Don’t assume that because your well water runs clear that it is free of iron. Seemingly clear water can contain iron. In cases like this, the iron has dissolved in the water, but will turn to rust when exposed to air. Check your water by filling a clean container and waiting to see if it changes color. If iron is present, a well water specialist can recommend the best course of action.

Red Water Iron

Red water iron is easier to identify because your well water will already have an orange-red tint. This type of iron has already been exposed to oxidation and can no longer dissolve in water. In most cases, clear water iron will also be present. You’ll need to schedule well water treatment services right away. You should also consider purchasing an oxidizing iron filter to remove both forms of iron in the future.

Need Expert Well Water Assistance in Snohomish?

Do you need assistance with your well water in Snohomish, Washington? Now that you’re familiar with the two conditions in which iron can be found in your water, you’re better prepared to resolve the problem. The pros at A-Plus Water Services Inc. in Arlington offer superior water treatment, water well repair, water tank repair and well pressure tank installation services. Our highly-trained and contractors have a reputation for providing expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care on every job. With years of experience, we have the skills and equipment to address all your well water needs quickly and efficiently. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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