Preparing Your Well Pump for Inclement Weather in Monroe

well pump prepDo you know how to prepare your well pump for severe, inclement weather in Monroe, Washington? While you’re probably familiar with basic storm preparation procedures, you may not know how to properly protect your well pump. Failing to take steps now could result in potentially expensive water well repairs. Keep the following tasks in mind as you prepare for inclement weather in Monroe.

Secure Your Wellhead and Pump

Is your well pump or wellhead exposed? If so, this can be a major problem during a big storm, especially if high winds are expected. To protect your system, you will need to cover and/or secure these features. Failing to do so may result in its being struck by debris during inclement weather. Take time to address this issue now and save yourself a call to the water service company.

Turn Off Your Pump

If there is even a small chance that you will lose power, it’s important to turn off the electricity to your well pump. You can do this at your circuit breaker. Always turn the power to your pump off before the storm and don’t turn it back on until the bad weather has passed. Failing to do so can result in damage to your pump’s electrical components.

Fill Your Tubs and Sinks

Because your well pump will be off during the storm, make sure you fill your tubs and sinks with water. Keeping additional water in jugs for drinking is also recommended. If damage does occur, speak with a well specialist before using your well again.

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