Important Water Well Information for Camano Island

water well information, water well termsDo you have a water well on your property in Camano Island, Washington? If so, it’s very important that you take time to fully understand how it functions. You can always call a water service company for help. However, having some basic information about your water well will ensure that you notice problems more quickly when they arise. It can also enable you to explain the situation clearly to your well specialist. Take time to learn these important water well terms in Camano Island.

Water Pump

There are several different types of water pumps. A common one found in modern homes is a submersible pump. These are often preferred because they are fully submerged and push water up to houses. Some water wells have jet pumps, however, that are above ground and work by drawing the water up to the home.

Pressure Switch

This switch turns the pump on and off. If you begin experiencing issues with your water well, a well specialist may check to ensure your pressure switch is working properly. Typical home settings are 30–50 psi or 40–60 psi.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges are used to establish the pressure settings for your water well. They do not, however, directly impact the way your well functions. In fact, these can often malfunction, but they don’t require extensive water well repairs. It’s very easy to replace one.

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