Well Pump Information Questions Before Buying a House in Lake Stevens?

well pump information questionsAre you considering purchasing a home with a well pump in Lake Stevens, WA? Wells require regular and proper maintenance. When neglected, the results can be costly. Whether with your real estate agent or a water service company, always ensure the system on a potential property is functioning properly. Ask these important questions about the well pump in order to obtain the information you need before purchasing in Lake Stevens.

What are local codes regarding well pumps?

Just as some communities have specific codes regarding house color, there may be well pump standards as well. If the previous owner kept a well log, you can use it to confirm that they kept the well up to code. You may also be able to speak with the well service company about previous well pump repairs and maintenance.

Where is the well itself?

You should always find out where the well is located, so you can inspect the surrounding area. Verify that there aren’t any sources of contamination or obstructions in and around the well site. It’s a good idea to hire a well pump specialist to perform an inspection.

Have you tested the water pressure recently?

Low water pressure is typically a sign of a failing well pump or damaged water pressure tank. Having the water pressure tested, as well as having regular water treatment services performed, will help ensure your well pump system is functioning as designed.

Looking for Professional Well Pump Advice in Lake Stevens?

Do you need a professional to inspect a well pump in Lake Stevens, Washington? Contact A-Plus Water Services Inc. in Arlington today! Our team is highly trained and ready to inspect, maintenance, or repair your well pump system. We also perform expert well pump installation and water tank repair. Visit our website for more information or call (360) 979–1894 or to schedule well pump service in Lake Stevens today!

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