As a business, it is important for us to brand properly. For this we have an online company store.

Branding is essential for business growth. Part of branding you may need an online company store where your employees can go to purchase swag and other promotional products. However, if you are not a t-shirt print company it may be expensive to just purchase 1000 t-shirts and wonder if its going to bring in any kind of return, or who would wear them. Why not try using IcoStore  and having no inventory?

The Benefits Of Having No Inventory. 

   What does it mean to have no inventory? It means that your online store does not make any products until purchased, keeping your overhead low. Having too much inventory can actually hurt a business owner and their company financially. Honestly, nobody wants to have to hold onto inventory, especially branded products with your company logo.  The best online company store – iCoStore builds online company stores and produces logo merchandise on a per order basis. The benefits are numerous!An online company store, iCoStore, offers companies a just-in-time production. So, what exactly are the benefits?

    Benefit #1: It is affordable!

That is something everyone wants to hear. You do not have to tie up waste excessive amounts of money on inventory that you do not need or want. Do not pay for what you do not need, pay for what you actually use or need. You do not have to pay for inventory, meaning companies save money that can be invested in other necessities.

    Benefit #2: Change up the style.

Without any inventory, this gives companies can offer a much larger selection and update it regularly. The opportunity to change up the style frequently as they need to. They do not have to stick to the same style for months and even years. Instead, they are able to keep up with thetrend, keeping employee consumers happy. No extra old styles, new brands, and styles. Fresh new trendy styles keeps employees coming back to see what is new. What can beat a good sense of fashion? Nothing. 

    Benefit #3: Multiple logo options. 

Give employees the option of where to put your logo on their shirt. If you have multiple company or brand logos, they can all be offered on the store and the buyer can select the logo of their choice. Want to give the company logo a little more style? At iCoStore, they have a variety of different logo options. Not having any inventory will allow the company to switch up the design every now and then, keeping the company fresh. 

    Benefit #4: No out-of-stock! 

Honestly, seeing something is sold out or out-of-stock is the worst feeling ever. When items are already decorated and waiting to be purchased, keeping everything in inventory is very difficult and expensive. iCoStore is integrated with the apparel manufacturers and pulls directly from their inventory, so unless the factory is out of stock, there will never be out of stock issues on your store.Well, if there is no inventory to start with you do not have to worry about that. Through iCoStore and the just-in-time production, it will never be out-of-stock. Employees will receive their branded merchandise in an efficient timely manner, never having to worry about inventory being out of stock.there will be no inventory left. 

    Investing in an online company store with no inventory can be the best decision for a company. It will be the step that puts them ahead of the game set up your logo merchandise for success. Employees They will always be in the trendy and companies will save money by not having inventory while without losing money, but still getting their apparel on time. What’s stopping you from going to a store with no inventory? Now, the answer should be