Common Causes of Water Pump Failure in Granite Falls?

water pump failureA malfunctioning well pump can be extremely problematic for homeowners in Granite Falls, Washington. While scheduling regular maintenance and repair with a water service company can extend a pump’s functionality, it won’t last forever. It’s important to know some of the most common causes of well water pump failure. Pay close attention to your unit during these situations and always contact a well pump specialist in Granite Falls when issues occur.

Ignoring Repair Needs

One of the biggest reasons for water pump failure is ignoring the need for repairs. Small problems can quickly escalate to extremely expensive disasters. Always schedule necessary maintenance, well pump repair and water tank repair with a qualified professional.

Power Outages

Power outages can also negatively impact your well water pump. Generally, loss of power will result in your pump’s failure to function. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a well pump with a backup power supply, such as a battery or backup generator.

Loss of Expansion Tank Pressure

Problems with your expansion tank can also result in water pump failure. These tanks function by utilizing compressed air to force collected water from your well to your home. If pressure is lost, your well pump must work harder to compensate and will eventually fail.

Having Problems with Your Well Pump in Granite Falls?

Are you having problems with your well pump in Granite Falls, Washington? Now that you’re familiar with common causes of a failing well pump, you can schedule repairs sooner. To receive expert advice, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service, contact A-Plus Water Services Inc. in Arlington today. Visit our website for more information about the many services we offer, including well pump installation and water treatment. Call (360) 979–1894 or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting with you well pump maintenance and repairs in Granite Falls!

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