How to Prepare for a Well Inspection

well inspectionDo you rely on a well on your property for water? If so, it’s important to have a well pump and installation repair company perform regular maintenance on it. You should schedule a well inspection at least once a year. This will allow your water service contractor to assess the condition of your water, look for signs your well is damaged, and make any needed repairs before they really start causing problems. If you’ve never had a well inspection before, you may be unsure what to expect. Here’s what to keep in mind so you’re prepared for your appointment.

You Need Your Well Documentation

It’s important that you have your well pump repair history and documentation on hand. Your water service contractor will want to review this information before beginning your well inspection.

You’ll Need a Clear Schedule

Once the well inspection actually begins, your water service specialist will need to examine your system thoroughly. This takes quite a bit of time. He or she will need to check the many components of your well pump, including amp load, grounding, and line voltage.

Everything Needs to Be Up to Code

One of the most important elements of your well inspection is checking to see if everything is up to code. Your inspector will examine and test your equipment thoroughly and recommend any needed upgrades.

Water Quality Is Everything

Your water service specialist will also test the quality of your water during your well inspection. This is arguably the most important part of the inspection, because these tests will determine whether your water is safe to drink.

Need to Schedule a Well Inspection?

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